OLMA Sprints

Each winter OLMA Crew hosts the "OLMA Sprints", which is an indoor regatta held in the OLMA gymnasium using ergs. We invite other area high school crew - both boys and girls - to participate and compete.  The OLMA Sprints is an all day event that has grown through the years. It is our annual fundraiser that is held in March of each year.  Participation is mandatory for all rowers and parents regardless of whether your daughter rows in the Fall, Spring, or both seasons. Proceeds from the OLMA Sprints offsets the team dues, which are much less than other rowing teams and clubs.  A meeting is held in January for the initial planning.

Please refer below for downloadable documents with further information.

Additional regatta information for OLMA Sprints can be found at Regatta Central.

E Hughes,
Jan 14, 2017, 12:18 PM