Off-season Workout

Erg Off Season Workout (typical):

At least four days a week. The erg workouts will be in cycles of three, one hard, one medium and one recovery day.
If it is easier to use the erg workouts than to run, feel free to skip the run and repeat the erg workout after a day off.

Day 1:
3x1500m with a stroke rate increasing from 24, 26, 28. This should be as hard as possible for the entire 1500m.
4x1k - As hard as possible.
Blasters - 4x 1 min on 1 min off, 4x 1 min on 1:30 off, 4x 30sec on 1 min off
(or try 10x 1 min on 1 min off)

Day 2:
40 min - Go for best score
2x 20 min, 5-10 min rest in between (try to beat your first score on the second one. Both splits should be faster than your 40 min piece)
3x 10 min, 5 min rest in between (Split a little over 2k pace)

Day 3:
40 min - easy, conversational pace
2x 20 min - easy, conversational pace

Day 4: (if running is available)
Light 1-2 mile jog with long strides.
Remember to always listen to your body. Even though we have simplified these workouts and made them easier, we understand that these are not easy by any means and depending on how in shape you are, they may be too much to handle from the outset. If you are feeling too run down or exhausted, take a day off. After about a month, this should be an easy regiment to follow. Also, remember to always stretch before an after. Nothing is worse than injuring yourself or not getting the most from a workout because you did not take 10 minutes to stretch out what you needed before and after.

If you have any questions or would like a more personalized regiment, feel free to ask and the coaches can revamp this workout schedule based on your individual needs.