Regatta Site Hotels

The OLMA Crew Tent has a hotel coordinator who will email all crew parents with information regarding hotel reservations for those regattas located far enough away to warrant staying in a hotel the night before. For such regattas, the girls are not allowed to stay in hotel rooms alone and must be accompanied by a parent.  These hotels stays often provide an opportunity for parents and girls to have a dinner and generally relax the night before at the hotel's restaurant or some other nearby restaurant. Our hotel coordinator reserves blocks of rooms at a considerably lower price than can usually be had through a hosting regatta organization or hotel discount websites; and these room blocks - which are limited - are strictly for the use of crew team girls and their parents only.  Specific hotel information and reservation information, such as links to reserve hotels under these room blocks, will be provided in the hotel coordinator's emails and not here.

If you have not received an email regarding hotels, please contact us right away at